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In a not too long time ago, this was the REFERENCE DAC that many audiophiles lusted for. It was like the Ferrari that we all dreamed of owning one day…Massively overbuilt and in a design that was so industrial looking that it was an art piece on its own. Paired with its matching No.31.5 CD transport, it mothed into a $30,000, three piece combo that set the stage as one of the best sounding CD player system ever. The combo was easily the conversation piece in any home that had it on its rack for how it looks and for how it sounded. The No.30.6 may lack the extra “sparkle” of our current high bit, high oversampling DACs but it is still a standard bearer in so many ways. The music flow was as natural as having the music “live” in your listening room. Every nuances was clearly picked out and put forth in front of you. It may have set the benchmark back then but at under $6,000 now, it is setting the benchmark for DACs costing up to $6,000 or even up to $10,000.

This particular unit was originally a No.30.5 which was sent back to the factory for the $5,000 upgrade to the No.30.6 (HDCD capable now). It also underwent a full check up where not up to spec caps were replaced and upgraded. So both units will last for many more years to come. They are shipped in two boxes where the PLS-330 power supply is shipped in its own box. Both units will be shipped in their original boxes. The No.30.6 and PLS-330 are in pretty good shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major.