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The No.23.5 was an evolved reiteration of the highly successful No.23 amp. With many notable changes and improvements, the No.23.5 was a more refined amp when compared to the No.23. It shared the same 200W output (400W in 4 ohm) as before but delivers them in greater refinement and had a more smoother textured sound.  The might of the amp however, did not go unnoticed. It still possessed the same gusto as before and easily drove any of the speakers we had in the store. Punchy and dynamic with a depth and soundstage that many other competing brands would lust for, this was the amp that quickly climbed up the list of components to own amongst reviewers and audiophiles alike. The previous owner of this amp repainted the front faceplate and handles. It looks pretty good with minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major.

Line inputs accepted on the No.23.5 is Camac or XLR. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this beast for safe arrival.