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The pair of speakers you see here were formerly used in a home recording studio for critical listening of their recorded sessions. It features a dual concentric drive where the tweeter sits in the center of the mid woofer. This allows the speakers to give very pinpoint imaging with excellent time alignment. Bass was tight and punchy and loves lots of power. We don’t have much info on the speakers except from the recording studio and our own audition of the speakers. Impedance was measured at 7 ohms and bass response reached down to 50Hz. If you want a pair of speakers that you not only want to just enjoy but want to hear the finer details of the music, this is a good pair to start with. There are more precise sounding studio monitors out there but they also cost a lot more than the $350 we are asking here.

So if you have a good pair of sturdy stands, a good source unit and quality amplification, the Marathon speakers will be quote a treat for $350. Compared to our Linn KAN speakers, the Marathon had more bass, a more focus imaging but was less textured and less colored. Tube amplifications gave it a bit more bloom but the trade off was extracting out cleaner details.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. The white finish could do with a fresh coat of paint to bring back its shine but it still looks good as is now. Some minor knicks here and there and a bit of a veneer “flaking” on the bottom edge but nothing major. Speakers will be securely pack for safe shipping.