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The PM-17 is one of the best sounding 60W integrated amp. There were further iterations of this amp which morphed into the MKII and KI Signature version. Both of which cost more but not significantly better sound quality. Within the PM-17 range, the one we have here is the rarer and more “versatile” unit as it has the dual voltage selector behind which basically allows it to be used anywhere in the World.

Sonically, the PM-17 has impressive control over managing the music it is reproducing. Bass was tight and fast with a rich sounding mid-range. Highs were nicely rolled off and sweet. We paired it with a wide variety of speakers (B&Ws, Audio Physics and Magnepans) and it was able to drive all of them with ease. Compared to our other Cambridge Audio 740A integrated amp (similarly priced at $1,100), the Marantz had a more tighter rein over the music. It sounded a tad faster and was definitely the better built amp among the two. Phono input is actually very good for an integrated amp at this price and has a selectable MM/MC switch on the back.

Cosmetically, the PM-17 looks really good. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original remote and box (a bit beat up) and will double box it for safe shipping. We have the matching ST-17 tuner and CD-17 MKII CD player for sale too.