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The Slimline series from Marantz has had a very successful run with its NR series of AV receivers. Much slimmer over the more “conventional” big box AV receivers, the NR series still offer the same feature packed options typically found in those larger machines. With a generous array of seven HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, the NR1604 has more HDMI inputs than you could possibly use. The NR1604 is all about packing the features in without going overboard on each “element” which is why it does not have a three figure power output like its other bigger AV receivers in the family. But with 70W into seven channels, it is still plenty for the more modest home theater setup. Which is to say it has Audyssey MultEQ room acoustic measurement and correction system (MIC not included but can be easily found on eBay), upconversion from HD to 4K Ultra HD, Airplay, Streaming, 24 Bit/ 192 KHz DAC etc etc….┬áSetup is easy and within 30 mins, you can sit down in your favorite chair and start enjoying what the “simple” Marantz has to offer. Google for its many positive reviews.

Cosmetically, there are some scuff marks here and there but nothing major. A bit of glue residue from a remote sensor that was placed in the front but otherwise, the front faceplate is clean and nice. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping. A Marantz┬áremote is included.