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Among some of the greatest amps ever built in the late 70’s and early 80’s is this Model 15 from Marantz. The Model 15 is essentially two dual mono amps with individual power supplies housed together in one chassis. If you look from the top, you can see similar structural likeness with the newer MA-24 Class A monoblocks that came out a few years back. Except the Model 15 is a 60W Class AB amp. And what a glorious sound this 60W can produce! Designed to be pair with the Model 7T preamp, the Model 15 has no on/off switch since it would be plugged into the Model 7T and is turned on when the 7T gets turned on. If you don’t have a preamp that has an outlet on the back, you can have the Model 15 plugged into a wall outlet/ power strip that has its own on/off switch.

There is no mistaking the sound of the Model 15. The warm “Marantz” sound just flowed through our speakers with a solid bass response and finely carved out details. We had this paired to a pair of Klipsch Forte speakers and they thrash some of our newer speaker/amp setup that costs nearly $5,000. Easily.

Cosmetically, the unit looks pretty good for its vintage. Minor scuff marks here and there from use but nothing major. The right power light is a bit dimmer than the left but has no impact on performance and is easily replaced down the road if you want to. This all American classic will be securely packed for safe shipping.