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One of the best way to fully relish the magical sound of tubes is through the Marantz Model 8 you see here. It was originally conceived to be paired with the Model 7 preamp (also for sale in a separate listing) where nearly 60 years ago, the combo at under $800 (very pricey back then) was the pick for anyone who wanted the best in sound from tubes. With four EL34 tubes producing 35W of power in ultralinear mode, the Marantz still has one of the sweetest sound any EL34 based amp has ever produced. Some of the more contemporary designs out there may have better refinement but the Marantz has character and a richer history than any EL34 tube amps. Back in the day, the Model 7 and 8 was the benchmark pairing for many audiophiles. Tube rollers had a field day rolling in and out different brand of EL34 tubes and just soaking in the rich, fully bloom sound of tubes. Amp is a fixed bias design so all you had to do is make sure you purchase two matched pairs of EL34 tubes when rolling them. Other tube complements are two 6CG7 and two 6BH6 tubes. The Model 8b was the next best thing to own after the Model 9 monoblocks which Marantz issued a year after they launched the model 8. These days, both models have reached such high collector values where the Model 9 can be had if you are prepared to pay five figures. If you don’t need the extra power (70W) that the Model 9 offers or the budget or the real estate space you need to give them, the Model 8 is a satisfying alternative. A brand new set of Electro Harmonix EL34 tubes will be included.

This particular unit had one owner from NEW and with the Model 7 we have for sale in a separate listing, have been married and have stay married for the past fifty plus years. And like the Model 7, it has also under gone extensive service and restoration where original caps and parts were put in when the old ones were replaced.  Cosmetically, the unit looks really good for its vintage. Just minor scuff marks here and there. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping.