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When you read off the specifications of this player, its like having everything the audio/video industry has to offer in one box. Its a multi-format player that plays SACDs, DVDs, DVD-Rs, CDs, CD-Rs and even VCDs. DTS and DD Pro Logic II comes standard and what distinguishes this player from the rest is that it also offer 24/192 KHz upsampling and 5.1 channel output when using a SACD disc.

But how does it sound and look with all these technical features inside? Simply fabulous. We have CD playback only players in our store that costs twice or even three times as much and don’t even sound close. And they don’t even play DVD and SACD. Video playback was pretty good too. It may not offer the same resolution as some newer DVD/Bluray players but for the money, it is very good. Pictures were clear and crisp but to us, the real winner is the audio quality. Two channel playback was something we just couldn’t drag ourselves away. Once you put a CD in, you are just glued to the chair. No wonder, it has garnered many positive feedbacks and reviews.

Cosmetically, the player is in good shape. Minor scuff marks towards the rear corner edges (see pictures) and a small scratch on the top cover. Faceplate is nice and clean. Original remote and copy of manual is included. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.