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From the solid state arm of Canary Audio comes this “masculine” looking amp that sounded more seductive than brutish. In 8 ohms, it puts out 45W of pure Class A bliss and 90W when driven in 4 ohms. Class A sound has come a long way since the days of N.E.W or Threshold (amongst some). The Magnus MA-260 is warmer sounding, richer in texture, have a darker background and just in general, more in control of the frequencies spanning from 10 Hz to 50 KHz (factory rated). Compared to some of the Pass Labs Class A amps that had sold before, the Magnus had a slightly heavier bottom end and a slightly richer mid-range. Almost tube like but with more control and a tighter presentation. Built quality on this amp (handmade here in California!) is first class with a solid metal casing throughout. Top notch parts can be found throughout the inside and as such, come together to put up a truly magical musical presentation. The MA-260 is where you get to enjoy the warmth of tubes but with the control and durability of solid state.

Cosmetically, this amp is in very nice condition with very minor scuff marks. Previous owner bought two of this with plans to bi-amp a pair of speakers that he was planning to get (which didn’t come to fruition). So this was kept on the rack with the protective tape still on with maybe about 10 hours of use. He only decided to sell it because of the change in plans on the speaker acquisition. This hefty amp will be securely packed for safe shipping.