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This is┬ánot your everyday integrated amp. Firstly, it is made by Magnum Dynalab, secondly, it offers a tube input stage via its twin 6922 tubes and lastly, it has an on board 24 bit/ 192 KHz DAC with USB input. Add 225W of power in 8 ohms (450W in 4 ohms) and a massive 5″ LCD touchscreen and you would have an almost “all-inclusive” one piece audio component that would be the center of your audio system. Just add a source unit and a good pair of speakers and you will have a groundbreaking audio system. The MD309 is a truly musical unit. The amp section was weighty where it needs to be and delivered a good amount of mid-range bloom with sweetly detailed highs. We had the digital output from our SONY SCD-1 SACD/CD player running into the MD309 and the audio quality was clearly evident. Through the MD309, music had a softer, less “clinical” presentation than running it straight out from the SONY. The highs, mids and bass was more balanced and a generally more warmer presentation. That could have been the tube input stage and the amp section, which could not be overridden and bypassed to run into the same amp the SONY was being paired to for a more like-for-like comparison. But all-in-all, the MD309 is an astounding piece of audio. The DAC and the amp combined to produce a really high standard of sound. It was comparable to the dCS Debussy in terms of sound quality but the MD309 has a 225W advantage over the Debussy and they both cost almost the same used….so the MD309 wins our recommendation hands down. Unit was also ordered from the factory with upgraded V-Cap ($280 x2) and Audio Horizon fuse ($125 value) installed. Factory supplied HiFi Tuning fuses will be included.

Cosmetically, the unit is in great shape. Just minor scuff marks with a small scratch on the front left edge of the faceplate. We have the original box, manual and remote.