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This is the baby brother in the FT series with the FT-101 and Etude being its bigger and more expensive siblings. If you want a good, reliable tuner with no over the top bells and whistles, the FT-11 might meet your needs if your needs do not amount more than being happy with a good radio signal pull. The FT-11 is truly analog and “mechanical”. Even the three preset buttons you see are set by the individual adjustment screws on top of each preset button. You would use a small flat head screwdriver and “tune” to your preferred radio station and that will be the radio station it jumps to when you hit that preset button. Nothing fancy but still “cool” in an archaic way.

A good antenna is a must with an outdoor antenna being the best. It may not pull as strongly as its more expensive siblings but it did so adequately in our test. Cosmetically, there are some light scratches and tiny knicks here and there and some sharpie touchup but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.