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This is a factory original FT-101A Etude FM tuner and not an upgraded FT-101A. The Etude is suppose to be much better (as claim by the manufacturer) over the original FT-101A but we don’t have one side by side to compare it. It does do an amazing job with radio signals if you have a good antenna (we used TERK) paired with it. Very analog sounding. Pull strength was impressive and much better than some of the cheaper Japanese tuners we have in the store. Sound quality was a big differentiating factor between the Etude and the other Japanese tuners. It clearly enjoyed some of the trickle down technology from the more expensive MD90 tuner.

A good antenna is a must with an outdoor antenna being the best. But due to its sensitive circuitry, it will just about pull signals from anywhere. Cosmetically, there are some light scratches on the chassis cover but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.