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The Etude is a special edition of the FT-101A. The difference being an overhaul on the output stages and internal circuitry of the Etude which resulted in considerable sonic improvement over the already highly acclaimed FT-101A. If you have never listened to radio via a Magnum Dynalab tuner, then you have never listened to radio. Magnum Dynalab tuners have always been a special breed of hifi component. Their ability to pull radio signals and then convert them to sound in your system is almost magical in nature. Their sound is so analog that you might easily be mistaken that you were listening to vinyl. And this has to do with their years of making the best tuners on the planet (of course there are a small handful of specialist tuner manufacturers out there but no where near the affordability level of a Magnum Dynalab tuner). Their in-depth know-how separates them from the rest. Their thoughtfulness in design is exemplified where they offer factory upgrades on the Etude to just about any of the following models – MD-90, MD-100, MD-102, MD-90 Triode, MD-100 Triode, or MD-102 Triode. Except for some marks on the chassis cover, the unit is functionally 100%. Face plate is nice and clean and although we don’t have the original box for it, it will be securely packed for safe shipping.

A good antenna is a must with an outdoor being the best. But due to its sensitive circuitry, it will just about pull signals from anywhere.