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If you want a center channel speaker that can reproduce dialogues that are both accurate and expansive, look no further than the CC5 you see here. It is a fairly large center channel speaker that measures 36″ wide, 5.5″ deep and 10.5″ high. Within it is their infamous curved quasi-ribbon midrange/tweeter and quasi-ribbon super-tweeter. By being curved, sound is radiated widely which gives it a larger than life sound impact. The mids and highs were smooth, precise and incredibly lifelike. Its the bass region however that needs some assistance to give the CC5 a full range sound presence. On its own, the CC5 will dip down to 200 Hz and extends all the way up to 20 KHz. To get into the lower frequencies, Magnepan has the DWM, a ribbon based subwoofer which will extend the LF down to 40 Hz. You can also opt the active subwoofer route that uses conventional woofers and have the CC5 connected to it. With either option, the CC5 can morph into a full scale “attack” center channel speaker. The CC5 is power hungry speaker so make sure your center channel amp has enough juice to drive it. Impedance is a lowly 3 ohm and sensitivity is 88 dB.

Cosmetically, the speaker is in great shape. We have the original box and will securely pack this for safe arrival. See our other listing for the matching MG-1.7i where you can build a full ribbon based front three channel speaker setup.