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Building on the success of the MG3.5R, the MG3.6R continues soldiering on with what many has come to acknowledge as one of the best sounding speakers for under $5,000. The weakness of planar speakers have always been the deep end which is why if you want a pair of planar speakers to deliver deep bass, it has to go big. And the MG3.6R is big – 6 feet tall, 2 feet wide and 1.5′ deep (not counting the feet).  With the MG3.6R, Magnepan addressed the bass “shyness” of the MG3.5R  by increasing its midrange panel by more than 10% and thus allowing it to go deeper. The strength of planar speakers, their midrange and smooth highs are now substantiated with deep bass. Depth and width of the soundstage is huge and when listening to vocals, imaging is holographic and has a nice weighty musical presence. Smaller models like the 1.6 or 1.7 and even the MMG all have very good midrange bass but can sound a little weak on the deep end. With the MG3.6R, it possess the same magical sound but on a larger scale with a nice rounded deep end. No cone based drivers can replicate the same magical sound as planar speakers. And in the under $5000 speaker category, these speakers have the best sounding mid-range that other speakers can only lust for.

Color finish is cherry frame on black socks. These speakers would need a medium to large room and fairly high powered amp (75W and up) to sound its best. Speakers have some slight scuff marks on the frame but nothing major and socks are in perfect condition. Speakers will be shipped in their original boxes while the feets and crossover boxes will be shipped separately in their own boxes.

They will need to be shipped via freight for safe arrival. Pickup is warmly welcomed.