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There is always something special about planar speakers. Its ability to put forth a wide and deep soundstage, warmth and imaging is second to none. Unlike the smaller MMG, the MG1.6QR has deeper bass response and better dynamics. Bass may not be room shaking deep but it would be pretty sufficient for most room sizes. Vocals as usual, are where Magnepans always outshine. It is so engaging you would have thought you actually had a live singer in your room. The only so-called “weakness” is that it must sit out from the rear wall. Being dipole in design, it needs space behind it to create that depth and width in its musical presentation. So plan that in mind if you are considering them. For a little bit more money than the MMGs, you get a larger scale of music, better imaging and transient response than the MMGs. Even at its $1800 MSRP, it was by far the best sounding speaker in that price category and is one of the best sounding speakers under $5,000. Partner a good power amp (preferably one with a decent amount of power and in 4 ohms) and you would be dazzled by its magic. Previous owner had them bi-wired/bi-amped so if you plan to just run a pair of regular speaker wires, you need jumpers. Frequency range is 40 Hz to 22 KHz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 86 dB. Each speaker is 19.25″ wide, 64.5″ tall and 2″ deep (not including the footers).

The pair you see here had one previous owner from new. It was never pushed hard and has been immaculately maintained. As you can see from the pictures, they look very good. Only “issue” is one of the screws for the footers has its tip stuck inside so that needs to be removed if you want to screw in the screw. Other than that, the single screw on that feet works fine and keeps the speaker stable with no issue. Other feet on the speaker is fine. We don’t have the original box for them so local pickup from our store preferred. If shipping is required, we can strap them on a pallet. Contact us for a freight quote.