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If you Google HiFi+’s article on these speakers, you will read how Chris Marten has described them as the best desktop speaker system in the World. We have sold a variety of “desktop” systems but the Mini Maggie System does indeed take top spot in several measuring criteria. It is the most expensive (at MSRP) speaker system we have ever sold in our store, the most elaborate and by far, the one that requires the most real estate on your desk to come through our doors. But if you have ever listened to a pair of Magnepans and want to replicate the same level of experience and enjoyment from your desk, this “combo” is your ticket to it. Ideally, your desk should provide some space behind the Maggies to allow them to breathe and thus create that 3D soundstage. The Mini Maggie is a 3-way speaker system with a frequency response of 40 Hz to 40 KHz. Nominal impedance is 4 ohm and sensitivity is 86 dB. It does need an amp with some “strong” current ability because like any other Maggies, it needs a decent amount of power to sound its best. The Mini Maggies are 14″ tall, 9.5″ wide and 1.25″ deep while the DWM woofer is 22.5″ wide, 19.25″ tall and 1.25″ deep (both the depth for the Mini and DWM is the panel itself and not the pedestal base. If your plans are not to have them placed on a desk but instead on stands, like a typical 2.1 speaker system, they will in that environment too. So long as the room is not an overly large one. Some experimentation with speaker placement will be crucial to how they sound and perform. But we found them to sound their best in a more compact and intimate setting (like on the desk or a console table).

The set you see here had one previous owner from new. It has barely 15 hours of playtime on it as the owner swapped out his laptop for a bigger 34″ curved screen all-in-one desktop system and ran out of space to accommodate these speakers. We have the original box for them and will have them securely packed prior to shipping.