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The Magenpan MG-12QR speakers are one of the easiest speakers to recommend. Dollar for the dollar, they outperform anything out there. Both the MG-12QR and its smaller sibling, the MMG are outstanding speakers for the money. Your choice of either one would largely depend on your room size and how much bass you want. The MMG extends down to 50Hz while the MG-12QR, with its larger surface area goes down to 45Hz. The MG-12QR is 2″ wide and 5″ taller over the MMG. Like the MMG, it adores power, lots of it. Recommended power to drive the MG-12QRs is 100W and more. With a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 86dB, anything less is shortchanging the performance ability of the speakers.

When probably toe-in, the Maggies is capable of producing a dramatic soundstage that is deep, transparent and holographic. Vocals are the best genre (in our opinion) of music to go with them. The imaging is so surreal its like almost having the singer right in your room. Bass was more than sufficient in our listening session but you can add a subwoofer if you really want to add more “rattle” in your room. The speakers radiate in a figure “eight” field so some rear space behind the speakers are essential to adding that depth. So plan on having 2-3 feet of rear space behind each speaker and some experimentation in your room for finding that sweet spot. But once you find it, the sweet spot is unlike any other speaker that you may have experience in the sub-$1,000 category or even $2,000 category. Many reviewers who have come to review them were always floored but their imaging, musical ability and how affordable Magnepan sells them for.

The pair you see here is a rare off-white finish with white stands. The side edge is cherry which makes them a very eye catching combination. Most of the time, you would see the black sock and dark wood side frame so this is a very rare opportunity to own a very rarely seen off-white finish pair. Cosmetically, they are in very good condition. Some balling on the fabric cover and slight discoloration on the bottom 1/5 of the fabric cloth. We don’t have the original box but can securely pack them for safe shipping. Local pickup from our store the much preferred choice.