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The Luxman KX-102 is like the DeLorean DMC-12 “time travel” car you see in the Back to the Future movies. It was futuristic looking when it first appeared thirty plus years ago – clear plastic command buttons versus the usual black ones you see on the other cassette decksĀ of the timeĀ and a host of other “advanced” features that made it a real competitor to Nakamichi. This particular unit used to belong to a violinist who use it to record some of many early musical scores. Now that he has retired for several years now, it is ready to go on to another good home.

We played it in a system of ours in the store and walked away pretty impressed with its sound quality. It is slightly less detailed than our Nakamichi 681ZXL but for under $100 now, it is one of the better buy cassette decks in the sub-$100 category. Deck works fine but as with all vintage gears, it is sold as-is and we have priced it accordingly. We do not have an empty cassette to test its recording function but playback works fine. The KX-102 may not have a cult following like the Nakamichi Dragon but it has it own fan base who appreciates its former “futuristic” glory days.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good for its age. Some scuff marks and fine scratches on the casing and edges that are age appropriate. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.