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The D-107u is the rarer version between it and the D-105u. It is essentially an “improved” version of the D-105u which saw the more generous usage of copper foil and output transformers (amongst other things). Is it better sounding than the D-105u? We will leave that to you. Being that we only have the D-107u to listen to and not have the D-105u to compare it with, we can only comment on the sound quality of the D-107u.

As a tube hybrid design, the D-107u is a very warm sounding CD player. It is not analytical like the more contemporary CD players but is very musical all the same. It plays pretty much like a $500 turntable except its background is quieter and you have to wait about a minute for the tubes to warm up (if you didn’t pre-heat them). Back in its day, it was a very popular CD player. The marriage of tubes on to a CD player was promising and made many CD “haters” took notice on how warm and natural it sounded. At under $500 now, it will compete with many other CD players under this price range but it will stand out from the crowd for its “analog” sound.

Cosmetically, the player looks good for its age. Some scuff marks here and there but nothing major. It works perfectly. Original remote and manual included. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.