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The Linn Sondek LP12 is perhaps the most widely reviewed turntable in the World. Almost every vinyl enthusiast knows it and is one of the most recognizable product in the hifi World. This LP12 had the more “basic” setup. It had the Rega RB300 arm and Sumiko Blue Point MC cartridge. The previous owner followed the recommendation from a review on this setup and ordered it as such and never looked back. This is analog at its best when budget is a consideration. The LP12 will spin 33’s unlike any other. If you want to understand what this recent resurgence in vinyl is all about, this is an affordable way to join the party. Put aside what you have been hearing from CDs, vinyl is all about unadulterated music.

This LP12 was recently serviced after its one previous owner had it in used for years and then kept in storage. Worn out parts like caps and regulators were replaced. The motor circuit board and power supply was serviced and tuned to bring it back to spec.

Cosmetically, the unit is in nice shape. The dust cover has a rear corner crack but has no impact on its functionality. Some scuff marks on the wood panel but nothing major. Looks appropriate for its age. Local pickup only.