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The Linn Sondek LP12 is perhaps the most widely reviewed turntable in the World. Almost every vinyl enthusiast knows it and is one of the most recognizable product in the hifi World. This LP12 had the more “basic” setup. It has the Linn Basik arm and a Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO III high output MC cartridge. This is analog at its best when budget is a consideration. The LP12 will spin 33’s unlike any other. If you want to understand what this recent resurgence in vinyl is all about, this is an affordable way to join the party. Put aside what you have been hearing from CDs, vinyl is all about unadulterated music. Cartridge is good but we always recommend replacing the cartridges or having one on standby since there is no way to accurately predict the hours on it. Output voltage is 2.5mV with a load impedance of 47 kOhm. What we have always loved about the LP12 is its simplicity in design. Its basically a very basic motor, a platter and an arm. Many audiophiles have gone on to mod the motor, the chassis etc to elevate its performance but for us, we love its original simplicity and would focus more on installing a good arm and more importantly, a musical cartridge.

Cosmetically, the unit is in nice shape for its age. Some nicks and a bit of joint separation in the corners but its largely cosmetic and have no impact on the operation of the turntable. Looks appropriate for its age. Dust cover is in good shape. Local pickup preferred but if shipping is required, it will be securely packed for safe shipping.