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Compared to the AV5140 that we just sold, the Ninkas’ are a tremendous bargain when it only cost a quarter that of the AV5140. It may not have the deep end impact of the AV5140, which they shouldn’t be compared to realistically, but it images beautifully, has a smooth silky overtone and a sweetly rolled off high. At $1,500 MSRP, they should really be compared to the more “premium” mid-fi monitor speakers and floorstanders well within the $3,000 price range. In fact, when it was launched, the Ninka even sounded better than some of Linn’s more expensive speaker system! The passive version you see here can be used with any amps. Frequency response is 50Hz to 20KHz which is slightly less deeper sounding than the Aktiv version which would extend all the way down to 38Hz. Nominal impedance is 4 ohms with a sensitivity of 90dB. Although there are three drivers, the Ninka is actually a two way speaker where the twin 6.25″ drivers supply the mids and bass together and the 0.75″ dome tweeter the highs. Footprint of the speaker is no larger than a pair of monitors on stands – 10″ wide by 11′ deep and 40″ tall which will work best in the small to medium size room. Placement is very critical to bring the best from these speakers because they are so capable to projecting this surreal image that is both wide and deep. When correctly placed, the speakers will disappear from the soundstage and all you have is this “image” floating in front of you. If for some reason, you don’t think the bass is sufficient, you can always add a subwoofer but we found it more than sufficient in most genre of music. The speakers would require the use of bi-wired speaker cables.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. Minor scuff marks and tiny knicks here (mostly on the bottom plinth) and there and a few tiny dimples on the soft dome tweeter but nothing major. Previous owner snipped off the “tweeter cage” (it originally had three thin bars running across the front of the dome tweeter) because he felt that it was impeding the outflow of high notes.  Local pickup in the store welcome but can ship them in two separate boxes.