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The listing here is for a set of three Linn AV-5110 speakers. These are highly flexible speakers for a multi-array of use and installation. With each speaker measuring 9.25″ tall, 9″ wide and 4″ deep and comprises of one 3″ mid woofer and one 0.4″ tweeter, they could be used as surround speakers, main stereo speakers (if space is a premium and wall mounting is needed) or if you get another two more, as a five channel home theater speakers. Frequency response is a very respectable 60Hz to 20KHz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 88dB. Linn labels them as “full range, multi purpose” speakers but we think the first half of the claim is a bit over stretched….If they are not pushed too hard, they do sound pretty “complete” unless your expectation is one where the little 3″ woofer has to produce room shaking bass. For that, you can always pair them with a subwoofer in which case, you will then get a high quality 3.1 speaker system.

Cosmetically, the speakers look okay. Minor scuff marks/ tiny nicks and a bit of color blemish from use but nothing major. We don’t have the mounting bracket so you could either place them on stands or make your own brackets. Speakers are paintable if you want another color to better fit your room decor. Speakers will be securely packed for safe shipping.