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The Classik Unik speakers you see here may look familiar to the earlier 5110 speakers but is actually a new and improved design. The cabinet had some revision to its cabinet and a newly designed crossover that improved its acoustics over the 5110. These would nicely in a more confined setup if you plan to use them as front stereo speakers or as surround speakers or as ambient music speakers. Frequency range is 80 Hz to 20 KHz so adding a subwoofer would be a great idea if you plan is to use them as a 2.1 full range speaker system. Nominal impedance is an easy 8 ohm with a sensitivity of 88dB. Each speaker is approx 9″ tall, 9″ wide and about 4″ deep.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Speakers are paintable if you want another color to better fit your room decor but it is currently in ARCTIK white finish. Speakers will be securely packed for safe shipping.