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The Linn Majik is another highly reviewed integrated amp in Linn’s signature, compact, 12″ square shaped component lineup. We have always loved Linn’s lineup. Their musical nature is one of the easiest to appreciate with its smooth, warm sound and sweet highs. Its conservative 33W per channel may be a bit under powered for the larger, current hungry speakers but if you do have such speakers, than this is the wrong amp to get. The Majik is more suited for the medium to small size room with either monitor speakers or medium size floorstanders with an easy impedance and a sensitivity of 88dB or higher. The Majik does have preouts where you can get Linn’s power amps if you want more power. But otherwise, the Majik was a delightful integrated amp when we paired with a pair of Mission 781 and Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MKII monitor speakers. The soundstage was well centered with good depth and a black background. If an intimate setting is what you relish, find a good speaker and the Majik will bring the romance into it. This has the optional MM phono module installed which is a $150 option (quite a bargain in our opinion for how good it sounded when paired with budget and mid-fi turntables).

Controls on the Majik is rather spartan with just a few buttons. No knobs but pretty much everything can be operated through it or with the system remote that it comes with. Unit is in very nice shape with just minor scuff marks here and there from use. The previous owner changed out the jumper rods in the back for a more “beefy” jumper that he said brought about an improved bottom end. The Majik will only take bananas so if your speaker wires are terminated with spades, you would need a spade/banana adapted or changed them out to bananas. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.