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In the compact integrated amp category, there are only a handful of models that are worthy for any kind of contention in a stereo system. The 47 Labs Gaincard is our favorite but has limited inputs, not remote controllable and lesser power than the Linn. The Linn has the typical “British” smooth mid-range sound. Bass was good but not overly deep or thunderous. High were sweet and when paired to bookshelf speakers, sets up a very pleasant sounding system. Speakers from Audio Note and Linn were almost the perfect pairing with the Linn. We paired our Linn KAN speakers with it in a bi-amp configuration and they sounded better than any Rogers LS 3/5a speaker for much less money (and that is the Magik-I and the KAN priced together). This unit has the KUDOS tuner module installed which was a $600 option.

Cosmetically, the unit is in good shape. Minor scuff marks on the top cover and elsewhere but nothing major. Original remote included. Integrated amp will only accept bananas or BFA connectors.