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This is an audiophile classic from Linn. If you were playing around with this hobby back in the late eighties, you would probably remember how the LK1 and LK280 poweramp was splash across many hifi publications as one of the best sounding pre/power around. The LK1, without its matching LK280 here, can still be matched to any poweramp via the supplied DIN to RCA cables (for one line source unit) and XLR to RCA (for connection to a poweramp). It has been previously re-capped so it is good for another 20+ years. Sonically, it has the undeniably “British sound” to it – warm, smooth and pleasant. To describe it in one word – musical. This is a preamp that is not going to set new hifidelity boundaries but in a mid-range or budget system, the LK1 never fails to be musically satisfying. The phono stage in particular was an excellent suitor to Linn’s LP12 turntable where together (with the LK280), make up an incredible vinyl system that sounded more like a $5,000+ system. It was simple, elegant and just sounded great.

Cosmetically, the preamp looks good. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. The optional remote was not taken up by the previous owner so if you want to sit on your couch and control the preamp, you may need to find a Linn remote on eBay or program a universal remote for it. Previous owner had the preamp recapped about a year ago so it is good for another 20 years. We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping.