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The Kolektor has been the center of much debate among audiophiles on whether its the better preamp among the tri-factor preamp grouping of the Wakonda and the Kairn. In our opinion, the Kolektor is almost on par with the Wakonda with the Kairn having a slight edge in terms of transparency, precision and clarity over both. But the Kairn is also the more expensive in the group of three. So unless your budget extends to the Kairn, the Kolektor is your next best bet. It is capable of connecting up to ten components with input 1 configurable to be either a MM phono input or a regular line input. There are three pairs of preouts that you could tri-amp or if you own a pair of Linn speakers that can be tri-amped, you could then drive three Linn amps (like their LK85) that have Aktiv cards installed in them. The Kolektor is just a delight of a preamp. There is really nothing much in terms of negativity that we can lay on the Kolektor. It was beautifully musical where it showed good tone and pitch controls. The mid-range was warm and smooth with the highs clean and well presented. Bass was well managed and not overly heavy. The phono stage alone is as good as any standalone phono stage costing up to $1,000. And with a nine line stage flexibility, the Kolektor can be the base station of a massive hifi setup. At under $400 now, its an absolute audiophile bargain. The Kolektor is universal voltage (96-264V) so it will work anywhere in the World.

Cosmetically, the Kolektor is in pretty nice shape. Some minor scuff marks/nicks here and there but nothing major. We have included Linn’s newer remote where you can select the inputs and adjust the volume levels. Original manual is included and the unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.