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At one time, the Karik/Numerik CD transport and DAC was the pinnacle digital playback system. It was pretty glorified all the World over for turning the page on grainy, harsh sounding CD players of the time. Even now, it is no slouch when put up against CD players costing up to $5,000. The Linn pieces have an endearing warm sound. Nice sweet highs, a tad light in the bass but maintains a good overall balance. Good amplification and speakers are required to complete the overall package and when you have that, you will be in for a treat.

Both units were recently serviced by an authorized service center in NYC. A new laser assembly was installed and both units were tuned back to factory specs. The transport on the Karik is a much better unit that Linn’s other CD players (like the Mimik). BNC digital cable and remote is included and both units will be securely packed for safe shipping. Cosmetically, both units look good. Some scuff marks and tiny knicks from use but nothing major.