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The AV5150 subwoofer you see here was part of Linn’s AV51 sound system which was a complex and outlandishly expensive setup. We heard this setup many years ago that cost nearly $36,000. That setup, in a custom built basement at a customer’s house with a 3-gun projector was one of the best home theater system we have ever listened to or had the chance to sit in and watch a movie in. In that setup, there were four AV5150 placed in each corner and daisy linked together to produce once of the craziest bass sounds ever. This AV5150 however, came from a more “moderate” setup where it was paired with another AV5150 for two channel enjoyment. The previous owner had moved up from a Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy 7 to a MAXX 3 so he didn’t need two AV5150 anymore.

This AV5150 is the better condition of the two. Just minor knicks along the base edges and minor scuff marks elsewhere. Subwoofer has an onboard amplifier that puts out 200W to its two 12″ woofers in an Isobaric arrangement. The AV5150 has a multitude of settings that you can configure to best suit your room and pairing with your main Left and Right speakers. Copy of manual will be included. Subwoofer is currently on castors which is great since you can move it around with ease. We don’t have the original box so local pickup is preferred. The AV5150 weighs close to 100lbs and can ship strapped on a pallet. Contact us for a freight quote.