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The Linn AV5140 are extraordinary speakers. Period. For the money, they have no equals at this price point. In fact, when Linn launched these speakers (in conjunction with their AV51 system), they were part of this complex setup that included Linn’s AV processor, multiple amps and a variety of AV speakers that made up a $27,000 package. If you had a chance to listen this system when they were auditioning at the hifi shows, you would have walked out of that room with your lower jaw on the floor. It was such a surreal experience listening to music and watching a movie in that room.

This pair you see here are the bi-wired version. Its a true three way speaker with an 8″ woofer mounted on the rear. On the front sits the 4″ midwoofer and 3/4″ ceramic dome tweeter. Profile of the speaker is a narrow front (7″) that expands towards the rear (9.25″). Depth is 13″ and height is 39″ without the spikes. Collectively, the speaker has a frequency range of 30Hz to 20KHz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a 90dB sensitivity. Minimum recommended power is 60W and we strongly recommend more if your budget allows because it made a whole lot of difference when driven at 60W versus 200W or more. Sonically, the speaker has a rich, textured tone with nicely detailed highs, holographic soundstage and a pulsating bass. With certain amps, it can sound a bit warm but it is balanced out with a “loaded” bottom end and airy highs.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. Minor scuff marks and tiny knicks here and there but no major dings or dents. The back label around the binding posts has peeled off and gone missing. Previous owner had the grille covers mounted over with velcro which we will be including together with the spikes. Local pickup in the store welcome but can ship them strapped on a pallet for safe shipping since we don’t have the original boxes.