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This was their flagship tuner from a couple of years ago. At its height of glory, the Kremlin was part of a reference Linn system that when put together, easily stretch into the five figure price tag. The Kremlin was really reserved for the radio enthusiast wit its $4,000 price tag. But with a good antenna (preferably outdoor), the Kremlin was a stunning tuner. We only have an indoor antenna in the store and the sound quality it produces is already awesome. Signal pull strength is very good and it pulled in radio stations very cleanly and effortlessly. So we can just imagine what an outdoor antenna can do with this unit. Many users have even gone to say its sound quality is almost as good as CD when the right antenna is hooked up! The Kremlin with its uber price tag is not Linn’s most common tuner in the used market. You would usually see their more affordable offerings like the Pekin or Kudos so this is a rare offering for their top flight tuner for a little bit more money than their lesser models.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good except for the top cover where there are some scuff marks/scratches here and there. Its not visible if installed in a rack or you can always sand it down and spray paint a new coat of paint. We have a Linn remote that works with the unit. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.