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The RV-8 AV receiver from Lexicon had the honor of being the most expensive AV receiver in the World when it came out (it may very well still be…). But that isn’t the selling point here (nor was it when it first came out). People who bought the RV-8 did it because of the dynamic surround sound it brings to their home theater room. There were comparable AV pre and power units that offered the same level of performance for slightly lesser money or more, which were many of the cases, but then you had to deal with all those cablings between the AV pre and power. In the RV-8, it was just plugging in your source unit and speakers and you are all set.¬†With 140W per channel into seven channels, the RV-8 offered more then sufficient power in most application. It is THX Ultra2 certified which reinforces the solid sound quality it is capable off and had the latest HT processing ability of its time onboard. Except for the lacking of HDMI input/output (before its time), the RV-8 is as impressive, if not better than most AV receivers in the market now. Loads of inputs and outputs that will just about fit anything you want to build around or include in your HT system. So reading its online manual is mandatory to really bringing out the best in this AV receiver. This is a complex machine and like any other complex machine, patience and running though its manual is a necessity.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very good shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this heavyweight for safe shipping. New remote is included (only opened up to test it with the RV-8).