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The RT-10 was a player that was launched as the pinnacle of DVD playback before the explosion of Blu-ray and of course its own RT-20 Universal player (which costs $1,500 more).¬†Even at its $3,500 MSRP, the RT-10 wasn’t exactly a “cheap” player. You could get a SONY SCD-777ES ($3,500 MSRP) which is a much better built machine and plays the same SACDs and CDs but no DVDs. And there lies the advantage of the RT-10 – its DVD playback. If you put aside built quality, the RT-10 is equal to the SONY in terms of audio. It is warmer and smoother and although not as exacting as the SONY, does pickup little nuances that lesser player overlooks. In terms of video, well, the SONY doesn’t play DVDs. It is not going to rival a Blu-ray player for picture quality but as a DVD player, it does a very good job in clarity and detail.

Cosmetically, the unit is in pretty nice shape. Minor scuff marks and a few tiny dings on the rear edge. Original remote included. No original box or manual (available online) but we will securely pack it for safe shipping.