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The MC-12 AV processor/preamp was one of the benchmark units that many manufacturers set their targets on or users reference to when trying to achieve state of the art sound in their home theater system. At this level, we are looking at a truly sophisticated machine. The size of the manual is like a mini-novel and reading it from end to end is a must to obtain the best performance (and understanding) from this unit. Granted this does not have HDMI input, which you can just work around it by using one of its many digital inputs and routing the HDMI out from your player to the HD TV instead so that you still get the HD video. Which is why we have priced this former state of the art processor/preamp at a bargain price. Outside this “connectivity” issue, the sound quality is still one of the best in the industry and makes movie watching a thrilling experience. Version on it right now is V4.0.

Cosmetically, there are minor scuff marks on the chassis cover. Nothing major. Remote control has some minor scuff marks here and there but works perfectly. 100-240V input means it can be used anywhere in in the World.¬†We don’t have the original manual but can be downloaded from Lexicon’s website.