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This is a truly remarkable multi-channel power amp. Utilizing its patented DriveCore technology, the DD-8 boasts 125W per channel into 8 channels with individual level controls for each channel. Add a slim profile casing, the DD-8 is an aesthetically beautiful looking amplifier. The amplifier circuitry runs very cool and barely feels warm even after hours of use. The amp runs so cool that they can even be stacked one over another without any heat issues.

Soundwise, the amplifier is very neutral sounding. What you feed it with is what you would get. No coloration, just pure amplification and lots of it. This unit is in pretty good condition. It has┬ásome very small scratches on the faceplate that are only visible when up close. Phoenix connectors are used for speaker outputs so only 16 gauge or smaller speaker wires can be used. We don’t have the original box but will┬ásecurely pack this for safe shipping.