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This is an audio accessory you must make time to set it up right and enjoy. If you have a dedicated audio room and is acoustically “sound”, than you are already almost there. There is a very informative write-up on LessLoss’s website and lots of positive reviews on this “device”. It is a passive unit that is very well made and sturdy. We had it positioned at an angle behind our CD player (a wide rack is needed to achieve the optimum distant) and presto – the background was darker and imaging was a bit more focused. It took us a brief moment to let the improvements sink in and after it did, we try moving the Blackbody around and the sound lost a bit of the sparkle it had before. We tried it behind preamps, and tube gears and they all had varying levels of changes. So clearly, some experimentation is needed to achieve the best optimum result. Which is why we advise you to make time when you get this. It is really a labor of love. There is a keynote and that is, there is a front and a back to the unit. Always make sure the front is facing your audio component and have it face your component at an angle of 35 degrees or more.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Minor scuff marks but nothing major. We have the original box for it.