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If your idea of a home theater system is where the front three speakers – left, center and right, should be integrated into one “box”, you are looking at the answer. The Leon HZ414 3-channel speaker is essentially the left, center and right speaker compacted into one box. This will considerably reduce the “clutter” in the front of your home theater setup. Just put this speaker under your screen, wire it up and you are good to go. What makes the Leon even more impressive is how sharp the speaker sounded. Sounds of gun shots and explosions were quick and snappy with an impressive load of bass (gets down to 65Hz). Dialogue was tight and well focused. Leon is our favorite brand when it comes to top class soundbars and the HZ414 continues our endorsement for the brand.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks good. Some scuff marks/scratches and tiny nicks here and there but nothing major (see pics). Dimensions of the speaker are 6″ tall, 4″ deep and 41″ wide. Speaker will be securely packed for safe shipping. Local pickup from our store can be arranged.