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If you are familiar with Lector Audio products of the past, one quick glance, or feel, of this Digitube S-192 DAC and you will agree with us that the built quality of Lector has come a long way. Built quality of the Digitube is excellent. And the rounded side panels are a testament of Italian design flair. But the “juice” of the Digitube is its sound quality. It has improved so much from their earlier models the difference is night and day. There was better definition, richer texture, an expansiveness in sound that gave the soundstage a broad appeal. Two ECC801/12AT7 tubes are used to give that warm, rich sound. We will including two Telefunken ECC801 tubes (worth $200) together with its stock tubes.

Onboard DAC is a high resolution 32Bit/384KHz chip. The Digitube has an impressive array of inputs – two coaxial, one USB, one AES/EBU and one Toslink. Analog outputs unfortunately, is only via a pair of coaxial. There is a Word Clock output should you want to run it with an external clock.

The unit you see is in very good shape. It was the actual unit that Art Dudley used when he wrote the review on this unit on Stereophile. We have the original box for it.