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The previous owner of these speakers basically replaced his Focal Diablo Utopia with this pair from Langerton. We did not get a chance to listen to both side by side but the Langerton is a pretty impressive monitor speaker. From our memory, the Diablo has a slightly richer mid-range but the Langerton is a more cohesive sounding speaker. There is a bit more air around the soundstage from the Langerton versus a slightly smaller, more focused soundstage from the Diablo. Bass was pretty respectable at 46 Hz and when driven with good amps, produced a low, tight bottom end. Mids were nicely textured and room acoustics influence it somewhat when we tried in different rooms at our store. Highs were not as clinically detailed as the Diablo but it was smooth and clean. If you have a small to medium size room and heavy sturdy stands, the Langerton is a wonderful sounding speaker that could rival some more expensive models from other manufacturers. As an alternative to the Diablo Utopia (which cost much more), its a real bargain.

Cosmetically, they look really good. Some polishing swirl marks but nothing alarming. We have the original crate/box for them.