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The Studio 1 DAC was a serious machine when Krell launched it in the early Nineties. Paired with their MD-20 CD transport, it was Krell’s showpiece setup for the audiophile who wants a Krell digital front end. Running on dual 20-Bit DACs on board, it had a crisp sound, produced lots of details and had a clean presentation. It will run rings around many current sub-$1,000 DACs and will even rival some DACs that cost up to $2,000. But for the money now (under $1,000), this is a bargain and a great collectible piece. Especially with its rich history and legendary branding in the industry.

Cosmetically, the DAC looks good for its age. Some scuff marks here and there which are age appropriate but nothing. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.