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The KST-100 is one of Krell’s earlier “dream” amp. Affordably priced, great sound and a first class built quality gave it a pretty successful run in the early nineties. It is still a very good sounding amp when paired with the right speakers and preamp. Bass was impressively deep and tight with a full bodied mid-range and nicely rolled off highs. Big heatsinks on the side does require some ventilation space around (un-enclosed rack is the most ideal) it which helps to keep it at a constant warm temperature. Power output is a healthy 100W in 8 ohms and doubles up to 200W in 4 ohms and 400W in 2 ohms. All-in-all, a fine piece from Krell that has become a sort of classic amp from that era. The amp was recently re-capped, bias and serviced at the Krell service center (almost $900) in NYC. It now works like new and will be good for many more years to come.

Cosmetically. the amp is in very good shape. Just minor scuff marks but nothing major. We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping.