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The Eighties, for us, was the golden decade of the last century. Great music, birth of MTV and to enjoy it all, great audio components. The KSA-100 you see here is one fine example where the design and engineering that went into it only had one purpose in mind – pushing the boundary of audio excellence. This was one of the amps that establish Krell as a ground breaking manufacturer that would eventually take the World by storm for its assault on high end amplification with over the top build quality, engineering and sound.

This conservatively rated 100W in 8 ohm Class A stereo amp sounded more robust than its modest spec suggest. In our various pairing with different speakers and comparison with other amps, the Krell had a more dynamic punch. The bass was fuller, had more bottom end bang, a richer midrange and slightly more extended highs. If you prefer your music polite and refined, skip this amp. The KSA-100 attacks the music and exposes the weakness of your system upstream and down stream. So careful matching of source unit, premp and speakers can make a big difference. The power output doubles with every halving of the impedance so at 1 ohm, the KSA-100 will put out an astonishing 800W in Class A and will even briefly stretch to 1,200W in 0.5 ohm! These are remarkable numbers for any Class A amps in our current time so imagine this almost 40 years ago!

Cosmetically, the amp looks good for its vintage. Unit was recently serviced (as it should because the early Krell amps have become collector items), biased and re-capped through Krell’s authorized service center in NYC at nearly $1,500. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.