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Here is another statement piece from Krell. Back in the day, this was state of the art and like the six chassis KRS, was a mind blowing experience when listening to it. There was this transparency, dynamics, immediacy and neutrality that set it apart from the competition. At less than half the price (MSRP) of the KRS, the KRS-2 was a bargain in so many ways. Even today, the KRS-2 will rival many preamps costing up to $5,000. Its only “modern day” shortcoming is the lack of a remote control. But otherwise, its steel case, “industrial like” built quality and first rate sound makes this a “budget” reference piece for under $2,000 now. Phono input (highly rated) is good for MM and MC cartridges.

Cosmetically, the preamp looks good. Some scuff marks here and there which are age appropriate. No dings or dents. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.