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This model and brand is a new comer to the integrated amp scene and having left a trail of blazing hot reviews in Europe is now available here after a brave local audiophile took a stab at it. Unit is just about 4 months old and he traded it in for a pair of active speakers instead. Side by side with a McIntosh MA8900 that we have in the store, the CIA-1T is so physically underwhelming when placed right next to it. But sonically, it held its own with the more powerful 200W McIntosh. It may not have the lush warm sound of the McIntosh but leans closer to the Krell Vanguard integrated amp (also for sale in a separate listing and has a retail MSRP closer to what we are selling the CIA-1T for) instead. The CIA-1T starts off with a “shy” persona but crank it up and it brings a dynamic but controlled presentation to the floor. Speaker matching is essential to bring out an illustrious pairing which we have found in speaker brands like Focal, Avance Audio, KEF and B&W. The phono stage on the CIA-1T is actually pretty good and would rival any stand alone phono stages that sells for around $2,000. A toggle switch on the back also allows it to be used as a power amp so when you are in the “PA” mode, the controls on the unit are disabled and will just function as atypical power amp. The “IA” is Integrated Amp mode. Power output is a robust 90W in 8 ohms and doubles up into 180W in 4 ohms. Built, finish and the engineering (you can read more about it on their website or reviews) behind it is first class.

Cosmetically, the unit looks very good with just minor signs of use. Original remote, manual and box are included. Unit will be securely pack for safe shipping.