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This is one of the most iconic CD player in hifidom. It sits snugly between the KPS-20t (the transport only version) and the KPS-20iL (which is essentially the KPS-20i with a preamp built into it). The design was out of this World and could have been something out of a science fiction movie. The motorized CD cover slides open and close with a spider clamp inside that holds the CD down was a conversation piece when it found its way to many audiophiles home when Krell first started selling them. Today, this is still a conversation starter piece because it is so iconic and it still sounds so fabulous. Built quality, like everything Krell made then, had that industrial grade finish that will last for years and years. Sonically, this is still a very capable, World class sounding CD player. It may lack slightly the more detailed sound retrieval of modern day 24 bit/ 192 KHz DAC, but for the money, it will rival any CD players costing up to $5,000 now. Add the level of technology and engineering (it was ground breaking back then) it possesses, the fanatical built quality that went into the machine, the KPS-20i is now a collectible piece that was once at the forefront of CD technology and sonically, still rivals many of its newer technology counterparts. Plus, it can also act as a DAC for your other digital sources via its five digital input options.

Cosmetically, the unit looks really good for its age. One owner from new with original box, manual and remote. It came out from a full Krell system that included the KRC-HR and KAS2 monoblocks (both the preamp and monoblocks are also for sale in a separate listing). The entire system underwent a full service by a Krell authorized service center and brought back to factory specs (the KPS-20i had a full rebuilt on its motor assembly, worn out parts on its boards replaced). This entire system in 1995 cost nearly $40,000 which would make it roughly $65,000 in today’s money. The KPS-20i with a price tag of $9,000 back them would be almost $15,500 today.