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The KAV-300CD may be using TEAC’s VRDS transport mechanism but when placed side by side with a similar TEAC unit that uses the same transport, the sound difference cannot be any more different than black and white. The Krell is more organic sounding, less sterile and less edgy sounding. Maybe it was engineered to balance against the components in the rest of the range but one on one, the Krell is a sweeter sounding unit. Pop the hood and you will see why. The engineering behind it is incredible. The only shortcoming we feel (and is a minute one) is its less textured mid-range. It is warm but just less textured than what you would get from a McIntosh MCD500 (which is a player that cost twice as much) for example. At under $1,100 now, this is a very minor “shortcoming” given its ability to throw out an impressive musical scale with precise details and depth. The KAV-300CD, in our opinion, still has a lot of fight in it. Its hard to think of another similarly priced player that would compete against the Krell. The Krell will probably have better and more features (like an XLR output), a more heavily invested proprietary engineering under its belt and a legendary heritage that only a few brands in the market can say it is a viable “alternative” to Krell. This particular unit was just back from the service center with a new digital output board and transport mechanism that cost us $800.

Cosmetically, the CD player looks good. Some scuff marks here and there which are age appropriate.¬†We don’t have the original remote but did program a Logitech Harmony universal remote to work all its functions. Unit will be securely pack for safe shipping.