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The FPB 300, in our opinion, is the balance choice in the FPB stereo amps lineup. It has more power than the FPB 200 but weighs considerably lesser (it is still a heavy piece – 115lbs) than the FPB 600 and its slightly more “compact” physical size makes it easier to lift and move around. The FPB 600 on the hand is definitely a two person job (for most people). Upon powering up the FPB 300, the similar traits of the 600 is clearly portrayed here. Lots of power reserve, strong punch lines and presence and a very well laid out soundstage. Trying to fault this amp is a difficult thing to do. At under $3,000 now, this is a real bargain. This is the best sounding amp under $3,000. Period. As the model name suggests, the amp starts out at 300W in 8 ohm, 600W in 4 ohm and 1,200W in 2 ohm.

Cosmetically, the amp is in great shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. The red end cap behind one of the speaker terminal is missing but no impact on the function or operation. Ideally, this amp should ship freight for safe arrival but can ship ground with lots of risk (due to its weight and size). Local pickup preferred.