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This is like the “bite size” amp from Krell’s Evolution series. And by “bite size” we don’t mean that it is small, under powered or lightweight. It still weighs a hefty 92lbs, puts out 250W in 8 ohms and 500W in 4 ohms. What we meant is that it will only take a “bite size” out of your wallet. The Evolution 2250e is the most affordable power amp under the Evolution series at $8,000. Sonically, it’s close to the bigger and more expensive EV402e with everything else equal. But when you start switching up to more premium speakers, preamp and source unit, the differentiation gets bigger. That is not to say the the EV2250e is half as good as the EV402e but rather 80-85% of the EV402e in terms performance. It has the same “explosive” nature with an immediacy in attacking the music and taking control of it. This is not a “fluid” sounding amp. It is neutral but detailed with excellent definition. Dynamic sounding speakers that are current hungry are the best for this amp. Amp is 17″ wide, 19″ deep and 7.5″ tall.

The amp is in very good shape. Just minor scuff marks and a few tiny nicks here and there common with use. Local pickup preferred but will ship. Amp will be securely packed for safe shipping.